John R. Spletzer
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I am an Associate Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Lehigh University, where I head up the VADER Laboratory. My primary research interests are real-world applications of field and service robots. I teach courses in mobile robotics and real-time image processing, and also serve as the instructor for the Computer Science senior design course. My research is funded by the National Science Foundation, the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, and a range of private corporations.

Recent News

  • Jan 2018: I am serving on the Program Committee for IAS15.
  • Jan 2018: I am instructing the new CSE280/281 capstone project sequence for Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Dec 2017: Congratulations to my advisee Vibhor Sood who completed his Master's thesis and degree in electrical engineering. Vibhor worked on the AGV-3D project.
  • Jan 2017: I am on leave serving as the CTO of Love Park Robotics, an exciting startup in the industrial robotics space.
  • Dec 2016: Watch the final exam for my CSE360 Intro to Mobile Robotics course.
  • Aug 2016: Congratulations to my advisee Dylan Schwesinger for successfully defending his dissertation. Dylan has accepted a faculty position at Kutztown University.
  • May 2016: I received an NSF grant to develop and commercialize 3D localization technology for warehouse environments.

About Me...

I did my PhD in the GRASP Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania. My advisor was CJ Taylor, and my research focused on localization and target tracking applications for mobile robot teams. Before returning to school for my PhD, I worked as a test engineer for the U.S. Army, where I had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people and great hardware. Now, I spend my time teaching students and robots to act intelligently. One is a significantly more daunting proposition than the other. For fun, I like to work, run, plant trees, and watch the sunset from my rocking chair.